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February - Stored Procedure Optimization

  • In-Person @ 315 North Broadway Ave Tyler, Texas, United States (map)
  • 18:00 - 20:00 (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
  • Language: English

6:00 PM - Doors open -  Informal networking, refreshments

6:15 PM - Welcome

6:30 PM - Featured Presentation

8:00 PM - After hours - probably at East Texas Brewing Co. 

Featured Presentation:

Stored Procedure Optimization Techniques

Kimberly Tripp, Founder/President/Owner

Kimberly will discuss stored procedure caching and the potential for performance problems due to a problem known as parameter sniffing. There are some common solutions and while they can drastically improve performance, they can also cause other problems. Sometimes a hybrid solution is needed, from this session, you’ll know the best way to write procedures so that stable requests are cached and unstable requests are not (giving you the most optimal performance without wasting resources).

About Kimberly:
Kimberly L. Tripp is the founder/co-owner (with her husband, Paul Randal) of, a world-renowned training and consulting company. She worked for Microsoft University and on the SQL Server team in the early 1990s but left to consult in 1995. Since then, she has been training, consulting, and speaking on a number of SQL Server areas with performance tuning, VLDBs, and optimization her most common topics. Kimberly is an accomplished writer and presenter with numerous top-speaker awards over the years; she is also a SQL Server MVP. You can read more at In her free time, and with her husband, Paul Randal, she likes diving, searching for critters, and underwater photography!



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